Previous Logos

Themes & Logos from Previous Years


Theme: Summer Reads / Poolside / beach side.
Large 2 Color (white and yellow) on front of black t-shirt.


Theme: Beach Blanket Bingo. Beach Reads.
1 color (red) large logo on yellow t-shirt


Theme:  Literary Periodic Table of Reading Elements.
Used a literary periodic table.  Books needed to be selected from different genres and types.
Large 2 color (red & black) on white shirt.


Theme: Six Degrees of Reading / Reading books and connecting them using related themes.
Large 1 color greytone on black t-shirt. White hanging RJ on sleeve.


Theme: Read the Summit.  Climb Pikes Peak using the Cog Railroad (easiest) or hiking the trail (hardest).
Print: 1 color (black) on white background as submitted.
T-shirt:  1 color (light blue) small chest logo on dark blue t-shirt – adapted by library staff after submission.


Theme: Race to Read, a marathon theme.  Racing bib logo. The prizes were linked to marathon, half-marathon, etc.

The logo was large 2-color, black and white ink, printed on a blue t-shirt.  The “2018” and “Race to Read” were clear allowing the blue shirt to show through creating a 3-color effect.

Designed by Lauren Emerson, Class of 2020


Theme: Read Up!  The prizes were linked to the alien / space theme.  The logo is one color – black, printed on a green background. The eyes are clear transparent allowing the green background to come through. Black hanging RJ on sleeve.

Designed by Tierney Dickinson, Class of 2022