The 2018 Summer Reading Challenge is here!

ADD books and cultural activities to continue to the next distance and get closer to completing a READING MARATHON!

Start with a 5K, then work your way up to half marathon and marathon distances!

DEADLINE: August 24th at 3:00 PM

The 2018 Program is closed…..   See you again next year

  • Remember, no required reading titles.
  • No paper entry form. Enter ALL of your titles and activities on the web form.
  • All entries and activities must be completed during the Summer of 2018.

Here are the students, staff & teachers who participated in the Race To Read Summer Reading Challenge

Patience Adams
Sydney Able
Emaan Adil
Merilyn Amponsah-Asamoah
Luke Aschenberg +
Peter Aschenberg
Olivia Bachmann
Ms. Natalie Baldasare
Ella Bartt
Amy Bechtel +
Jacob Bechtel
Mary Bell
Mr. Jason Beyer  +
Kaleb Binger
Ms. Marcia Black
Ms. Jean Bordewyk
Libby Bornhorst +
Matthew Bornhorst
Molly Bowers +
Mr. Robert Bowers +
Ms. Ginger Brown
Helen Brackney +
Ms. Candace Busselmaier +
Sofia Casillas
William Cassidy
Ms. Erin Cassidy-Cernanec
Alexander Chae
Taylor Cypra
Audrey Christiansen
Natalie Christiansen
Amelie Colsman +
Isalina Colsman
Hayley Cook
Jason Cox
Conner Craven
Eddie Custy
Zoey Dale
Julia Davis
Emma Davisson
Mike Delaney
Ms. Kristi Dindinger
Ms. Katie Dorais
Ms. Nicole Dubler 
Meghan Dudzic
Joshua Ebedes +
Carly Eberhart +
Gabrielle Eckard
Alexander Erwin
Marianna Evangelista +
Mr. Nick Fagnant +
Hermilla Fentaw
Rachel Fields
Ellie Fox
Mary Gamsey
Ms. Emily Glenn
Giovanny Gordillo
Ms. Megan Gorman
Ms. Jennifer Gray +
Ms. Kimberly Haag +
Layton Hall
Brynn Harnett
Lily Haugan
John Hearley +
Mr. Mark Heidenry  +
Samuel Hellier 
Mary Hilbert +
Megan Hilbert
Sarah Hildreth
Frida Hill
Katherine Ho
Ms. Tami Hogan  +
Francesco Holm 
Stephanie Iwata 
Ben Jackson +
Wendy Jackson
Kaitlyn Jensen
Ms. Laura Jones
Eryn Kaiser
Brendan Keefe
Ms. Gretchen Kessler
Josh Kevil
Dominick Khong
Hana Kim
Bennett Kittleson
Lyann Klich +
John Krupanszky
Deanna Landry
Ms. Megan Langfield
Ava Leege
Greta Leege
Mr. Garrett Loehr
Ms. Kelli Lotito
Angela Luevano Juarez
Katherine Lyubchenko
Ms. Maria Lynch
Sophia Maines
Leah Malm
Mr. Anthony Mattacchione +
Ms. Kelli Mattacchione
Ms. Colleen May
Kate May
Kayte May
Ms. Jackie Maxfield
David McKenna
Jordan Meriweather
Mr. Brian Merz-Hutchinson 
Jordan Miller +
Laura Miller
Christopher Mixon
Ms. Mary Claire Modak
Sabrina Morales
Carina Morroni
Madison Morroni 
Abby Mortinsen
Andrew Moyer
Moira Newman +
Claire Nielsen 
Jack Nielsen +
Serena Nguyen
Rachel Odle
Fiona O’Doherty
Ms. Christine Oliver +
Mr. Mark Onstott +
Jose Orenday
Savannah Orris +
Samantha Orris
Maame Osei-fordwuo +
Alejandro Paredes
Ms. Mindi Phipps +
Kiernan Pol
Maddie Proctor
Mr. Bruce Raymond +
Brooklyn Reagan
Isaac Rechtin +
Bella Reddish
Nayah Regalado +
Ms. Jeni Rinner
Ms. Sandy Robertson
Johnathan Rodgers
Ben Romero
Adan Sanchez
Alexis Santiago
Brooklyn Sayers
Ms. Jamie Scatenato +
Elizabeth Luzia Scharbach +
Angela Serwaa-Marfo
Ms. Sarah Sherwood +
Paulina Shiraishi
Kailey Sieja +
Kayla Sim +
Samantha Stevens +
Olivia Stone 
Esrom Tesfaye
Ms. Sydney Timme
Brianna Tolkacz +
Kara Toll
Michelle Valdez
Grace Varga
Ms. Christina Vela
Noemie Vitou
Sabrina Vizurraga
Rylie Ward
Ms. Judy Weaver +
Ms. Kenzie Weed
Ava Wiley +
Braden Williams
Ms. Kathleen Willson +
Ruth Woldemedhine
Sophia Wolf +
Liam Wood
Lauren Worrick  +
Hannah Wurl 
Hewan Yoseph
Kate Zerefos

Note: The honor roll will be updated weekly,  so there may be a delay between your submission and your name and count showing up on this page.



Read 1 book and participate in 1 cultural activity:  your name on the honor roll – 5K Bronze Medal. 

Read 3 books and participate in 3 cultural activities :  your name on the honor roll and the Race to Read Drawstring Bag – 1/2 Marathon Silver Medal.  

Read 6 books and participate in 6 cultural activities:  your name on the Honor Roll, the Race to Read Drawstring Bag,  T-Shirt, the Ice Cream Truck, and a chance to win Broncos tickets – Marathon Gold Medal.  

The summer reading challenge will close on Friday, August 24th at 3:00 PM. No entries will be accepted after that time. If you have more entries, please enter your titles before 3:00 PM to be included in this year’s Summer Reading Challenge.

Have questions about the Summer Reading Challenge?  Need to know how many books and activities you have completed?  Is your name or level missing from this page?  Contact the RJ Libraries at

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