The 2019 Summer Reading Challenge is here!

ADD books, visit Roswell, “earn” your very own alien abduction and the bragging rights that go with it.  And finally win an all expense paid trip to an alien picnic, where we promise YOU might not be the main course!

DEADLINE: Friday, August 23rd at 3:00 PM

Thanks to everyone who participated during the Summer 2019.  Here is the final list for this year.

Remember, no required reading titles.

  • No paper entry form. Enter ALL of your titles read on the web form.
  • All entries must be completed during the Summer of 2019.

Here are the students, staff & teachers who have participated in the Read Up! Summer Reading Challenge:

Emaan Adil
Merilyn Amponsah-Asamoah
Clare Anselmi
Luke Aschenberg
Lauren Bachmann
Ms. Natalie Baldasare
Savannah Barish
Amy Bechtel +
Jacob Bechtel
Mr. Jason Beyer
Libby Bornhorst
George Bowdouris
Mr. Bob Bowers   +
Molly Bowers
Nicholas Bowers
Helen Brackney
Molly Braun
Ms. Ginger Brown
Juliette Bruner
John Burns +
Ms. Candace Busselmaier
Mr. Campolettano
Cianna Canning
Jake CdeBaca
Audrey Christiansen
Cecily Crowell
Julia Davis
Caroline Deeter +
Ms. Rachel Deffenbaugh
Ms. Leslie Diedrich
Ms. Katherine Dorais +
Ms. Nicole Dubler  +
Carly Eberhart
Ms. Kimberly Elste +
Marianna Evangelista
Mr. Nick Fagnant
Mary Garnsey
Ms. Emily Gerwick
Macklin Gifford
Giovanny Gordillo
Megan Gorman
Ms. Jen Gray
Sophia Gwaltney
Ms. Kimberly Haag
Ms. Laura Hall
Layton Hall
Brynn Harnett
Lily Haugan
John Hearley
Sam Hellier
Charles Henninger
Clarissa Hernandez
Ms. Tami Hogan +
Ben Jackson +
Wendy Jackson +
Ms. Laura Jones
Melanie Kelley
Peter Kelley
Kamrynn Kelly   +
Amelia Kohrs   +
Deanna Landry   +
Ashley Large  
Mr. Joshua Leeuw +
Sofia Maines
Faith Marsicek  
Clara Masters
Mr. Anthony Mattacchione
Ms. Colleen May
Ms. Jackie Maxfield   +
Isabella Merovech
Ms. Jennifer Meyerrose
Ella Miller
Laura Miller
Mr. Chris Mixon
Sarah Mollandor
Colson Morley
Carina Morroni
Luke Morse +
Andie Moye +
Jessica Nasrallah
Moira Newman
Sarah Odle
Rachel Odle  +
Sarah Odle 
Fiona O’Doherty
Ms. Christine Oliver +
Gabriel Onstott +
Mr. Mark Onstott +
Jose Orenday
Savannah Orris  
Maame Osei-Fordwuo  +
Eshaan Palanati +
Ms. Mindi Phipps  
Kiernan Pol +
Harrison Pulaski
Carlos Ramirez De La Peña
Mr. Bruce Raymond +
Isaac Rechtin
Hudson Ridley
Ms. Sandy Robertson +
Bella Rosabal +
Feliciana Sayers
Ms. Jamie Scatenato
Elisabeth Scharbach +
Weston Schwartz
Antonio Segura
Ms. Sarah Sherwood +
Kayla Sim
Brayden Smith
Collin Smith
Hannah Smith
Ms. Kathy Smith
Alex Song
Samantha Stevens
Kaeyla Stevens
Esrom Tesfaye
Matthew Tierney
Ms. Sydney Timme
Brianna Tolkacz +
Mr. Jimmy Tricco
Noemie Vitou
Sabrina Vizurraga
Rylie Ward +
Ms. Judy Weaver +
Ms. Kenzie Weed
Tavian Willsea
Sophia Wirths
Matthew Wisneski
Sophia Wolf
Hannah Wurl +
Arsema Zerabruk
Selam Zerabruk +

Note: The honor roll will be updated weekly,  so there may be a delay between your submission and your name and count showing up on this page.

Roswell Certified:  Read 1 book beyond required reading and earn your name on the honor roll with an Read Up alien sticker   as proof.

Abducted by Aliens: Read 3 books and earn your name on the honor roll, receive the alien sticker,  and the Alien and Finger skateboard .

First Contact: Read 6 books beyond the required reading and earn your name on the Online Honor Roll, the alien Sticker, the Alien and finger skateboard, and the grand prize which includes the alien t-shirt and all expense paid alien lunch and classic Sci-Fi alien movie .

The summer reading challenge will close on Friday, August 23rd at 3:00 PM. No entries will be accepted after that time. If you have more entries, please enter your titles before 3:00 PM to be included in this year’s Summer Reading Challenge.

Have questions about the Summer Reading Challenge?  Need to know how many books you have read?  Is your name or level missing from this page?  Contact the RJ Libraries HERE  anytime during the summer.  But note, it is summer – it may take a few days to receive a response!

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